Apostles Anglican Church

A Parish Profile


Apostles Anglican is a community-minded church in the heart of the Bluegrass — Lexington, Kentucky — and part of the Anglican Diocese of the Great Lakes. The congregation values generosity and kindness, and fosters a spirit of grace for anyone who comes through the door. The congregation is generally well educated, and enjoys being led in the scriptures and challenged both spiritually and intellectually. The congregation engages in Sunday worship collectively and in a variety of weekly and monthly gatherings that may not have a typical order or structure, but find roots in the lay-driven love of community at Apostles. A typical Sunday worship service will find many people staying to talk after service, and the bustle of children in the sanctuary as families gather to chat. The congregation is diverse in its non-essential beliefs, and strong in its common faith. Though there are certainly differences in opinion politically, they are not discussed from the pulpit, and seldom among congregants. The focus of Apostles Anglican as a congregation is on the love of Christ, and the message of the gospel.

If it is of the Kingdom, we want it.

Apostles Anglican is a financially stable parish that owns the building that it calls home. The calling for this position is full-time and compensated fully with benefits. The next rector will have support staff that handle things such as accounting, office management, children’s ministry, music ministry, and pastoral guidance of youth and young families. The congregation at Apostles has a strong sense of identity, and values one another individually and as a community. Community engagement is often lay-driven and will continue to benefit from guidance and encouragement by the next rector.

The next rector of Apostles Anglican should be prepared to lead a staff of committed lay-people and ordained clergy, shepherd those in the ordination process, support the growing foundation of lay ministry leaders in the parish, and preach from scripture with grace to the congregation. We expect our next rector to keep our congregation grounded in scriptural truth, while embracing the variety of ways parishioners experience the love of God through the working of the Holy Spirit. Our next rector will need to carry on the “big-tent,” catholic, open-arms embrace of those who visit and worship with us, while drawing on and educating about the Anglican Way. He or she will need to have a strong foundation of historically orthodox, mere Christianity faith. Apostles is a very accepting community, and preaching politically on either side of the aisle has never found favor with the congregation. We have always been a congregation that supports women in both lay leadership and ordained ministry. Our next rector must be in alignment with this position.

Our next Rector will continue building on the foundation God has designed and continue growing us into the congregation He can use to further His Kingdom.